Believe, a modern version of Romeo & Juliet. With a choreography of an olympisch level, live music, beautiful decors and costumes. Combined with high-tech special effects and a spectacular watershow. Unlimited FX was asked to develop and produce the custom made water show and accompanying special effects.

The traveling Holiday on Ice production ‘Believe’ can be seen from November 26th 2015 in different European cities. The request came from Stage Entertainment to develop a complete watershow including projection on the water screen and integrating this as a show element. Unlimited FX made a custom made solution.

Within a short time frame Unlimited FX developed a custom made water screen. A round screen that can rotate 360 degrees. Physically the screen than has no front- and backside anymore. On the screen different designs can be projected. During the show a diversity of patters and figures are used, which make it seem like the screen is moving constantly. 

Thanks to a very good collaboration with German partner Watershow.de the screen and the frame could be build in barely 4 weeks time. The challenge was mainly in the fact that the water could not be recycled from the receiving bin. Unlimited FX had to create a system to transport and deliver water over a distance of about 100 meters. Special tanks have been placed on the waterscreen, to guarantee enough water provision.

Because of the very short build and test time all necessary tests and checks were done in just three days. This made it possible for Unlimited FX together with her partner Watershow.de to deliver the screen right on time. Mainly because of the excellent software program that was used, the test time could be reduced.  

The water screen is unique in its kind, custom made with a round shape and completely integrated in the truss, so that it is easy to bring on tour. Also the LED lighting is completely integrated, so that it forms one complete set. The screen is placed on the ice with dollies and build up from there on. The screen can be build up in less than one hour.

The water screen is for rent during the period May – October and available for other projects.