Pyrotechnics are explosion simulators, colourful stars, flashes, fireworks or other pyrotechnic driven effects used in the entertainment industry. Specialists are needed for the correct use of Pyrotechnics and other Special FX. Special training and licensing must be obtained from local authorities to legally prepare and use pyrotechnics.

The person in charge of the special effects is personally responsible for making sure all safety measures are taken and that a sufficient risk assessment is done for all the activities under their control.

The risk assessment should at least consider; visitors, equipment and locations under the control of the production, crew and artists. It is very important to constantly think about maintaining safety, guarding safe distances, briefing security, and knowing which help is needed when something goes wrong (such as fire fighting and first aid).

The whole unlimited FX crew is VCA certified, including the freelancers. The crew receives training and has their health & safety papers from Unlimited FX. Most of them are also BHV certified.  

On top, pyrotechnicians need a special licence. This license is highly personalised and allows only you to set off the pyro effects. It also permits you to temporarily store and transport limited amounts of explosives according to the rules of ADR. In addition a license needs to be obtained for each event from the local authorities to legally use pyrotechnics during an event.

Safety is one of the most important aspects during the whole process, from storage, to transportation and handling of the explosives and pyrotechnics, to the use during the event.