On wednesday 25th and thursday 26th of November, the band Kensington performed in a sold-out Ziggo Dome. As preferred supplier, Unlimited FX took care of all the special effects for both shows. 

The preparations for Unlimited FX started a few days before the show. Varying from setting up the right equipment, filling the flightcases with necessary materials, to going through the program of the shows. Including the application and handling of all needed permits. 

Preparations on location

The work on location started a day before the first show, when all equipment could be loaded into the Ziggo Dome. The Unlimited FX team started immediately with several preparations. While one person was busy attaching the pyro in the roof, a colleague was busy setting up the equipment on the floor. While another was filling the confetti tubes. 

Safety first

All involved parties agree that safety is extremely important during the shows. Especially when working with pyrotechnical effects and stage flames, Unlimited FX takes safety measurements very seriously. Also the Ziggo Dome believes safety is very important. Before the shows they announced to the audience that several pyrotechnical effects and special effects would be used during the show, so that possible panic reactions (looking at the current situation in the world) could be prevented. The video and photo crew that was present, received clear instruction from Unlimited FX before the show concerning the special effects that were attached to the stage. Especially during the confetti shots and stage flames they had to stay at an appropriate distance. 

Diversity of effects

Unlimited FX used a variety of different effects to guarantee an optimal experience for the Kensington fans. We decided to immediately start with a few pyrotechnical effects during the opening show, to start with a wow-effect. Furthermore in the first couple of songs Co2 jets and confetti effects were used. 12 CO2 tanks were needed to fill all the CO2 jets. Halfway through the show a large amount of silver confetti whirled down over the audience.

The second part of the show was characterized bij the use of stage flames and streamers. The pyro finale at the end of the show, during which pyro was shot from the stage and the roof simultaneously, made sure that the show was lifted to a higher level. 

The total amount of effects used totals more than 200 per show. Already in the opening segment of the show, more than 40 effects were used. Pyrotechnical effects were fired from the roof at more than 12 positions. At the stage from 10 positions. 8 stadium shots were used to shoot confetti en streamers with. Furthermore CO2 jets, electric blowers and stage flames were part of the show. As well as airbursts in the roof.


Firing the effects at just the right time, asks for some knowledge and timing. It is important to fire the effects at the exact right time, to support the show in an optimal way. Amongst others, a timecode is used, but it is also important to listen to the music.