A few weeks ago, dutch soccer club PSV started their game in a LED covered Philips stadium. As the first club in the Dutch Eredivisie. This was combined with a spectacular lighting and special effects show. As preferred supplier, Unlimited FX took care of the special effects for the opening show.

PSV asked Unlimited FX to support the show during the introduction of the innovative Philips LED- lighting in the stadium. The assignment was to create an impressive opening show during the match PSV – Excelsior. As Gerard Fernandez from Unlimited FX describes it: “Our goal was to create a spectacular opening with a true entertainment factor.” 

There were several challenges to take into account. The show can not disturb the start of the match, a quick build up and break down and the safety of the soccer players, photographers and flag bearers. Fernandez: “Because of the fact that there were already fireworks on the field before the entrance of the players, we had to deviate from the regular safety protocol. This was an extra point of attention. Also we had to make use of special trolleys to transport the materials over the field, so that we would not damage the grass.”

Unlimited FX used different pyrotechnical effects to guarantee an optimal experience for the PSV fans. Fernandez: “During other games we often used to shoot from the roof. Now we have worked directly from the field. On 6 positions we have used an array of comets and mines. These effects vary in height with a reach from 30 to 60 meters. In total 130 effects were used for this show. Before of the high safety standards, we used effects from the brand Next FX.”

Patrick van de Voort of PSV was very positive about the collaboration: ”The pyrotechnical effects of Unlimited FX together with the new stadium lighting led to an unique experience in the Philips stadium. Incredible what kind of show you can make with lighting and pyrotechnics. You could feel there was a special atmosphere in the stadium!”