Flinke groei in special effects markt

Article in AV & Entertainment magazine – Edition 4 2017 (Dutch) Organisatoren van evenementen nemen steeds later beslissingen én willen steeds meer special effects in hun shows. Het zijn twee conclusies die Bart Roelen van Unlimited FX trekt als hij kijkt naar wat er in de markt gebeurt. Naast bovenstaande ontwikkelingen hebben vandaag de dag […]

Pyro & Special FX safety

Pyrotechnics are explosion simulators, colourful stars, flashes, fireworks or other pyrotechnic driven effects used in the entertainment industry. Specialists are needed for the correct use of Pyrotechnics and other Special FX. Special training and licensing must be obtained from local authorities to legally prepare and use pyrotechnics. The person in charge of the special effects […]

Custom effects for liveshows The voice of Holland

Article in AV & Stage magazine – Edition 2 2017 (Dutch) Effecten op maat voor liveshows The voice of Holland De talentenjacht The voice of Holland weet al ruim 6 jaar televisiekijkend Nederland te boeien. Met name de liveshows staan altijd garant voor visueel spektakel. Unlimited FX is ondertussen 4 jaar betrokken bij de liveshows. Het was […]

Power Flame

New Fire FX added to the product range of Unlimited FX Flames are always impressive when added into a show. They allow to create powerful stage effects. At Unlimited FX we have a wide range of flame effects available. A few months ago the Power Flame has been added to the Unlimited FX product range. Since then the effect has been […]

Products & Services Unlimited FX

Have you seen our online product catalog yet? In this catalog you will find a preview of our product range 2016 including the services of Unlimited FX. Sorted by product group, from Co2 FX to Flame FX and from Pyrotechnics to Custom FX. The product catalog can be retrieved from the products page on our […]

WiSH Outdoor 2016

This year Unlimited FX was asked to be special effects supplier for the 10 year anniversary of WiSH Outdoor festival. A three-day EDM festival in the southern part of the Netherlands with around 55.000 visitors. A festival well known for its great stage design and spectacular ending shows. For the two mainstages Unlimited FX was […]

Tiësto Tivoli Denmark

Unlimited FX was asked to provide the special effects during Tiësto’s show in Tivoli Copenhagen.

Kensington Ziggo Dome

On wednesday 25th and thursday 26th of November, the band Kensington performed in a sold-out Ziggo Dome. As preferred supplier, Unlimited FX took care of all the special effects for both shows.  The preparations for Unlimited FX started a few days before the show. Varying from setting up the right equipment, filling the flightcases with […]

PSV Lighting show

ADDING AN EXTRA DIMENSION A few weeks ago, dutch soccer club PSV started their game in a LED covered Philips stadium. As the first club in the Dutch Eredivisie. This was combined with a spectacular lighting and special effects show. As preferred supplier, Unlimited FX took care of the special effects for the opening show. PSV asked Unlimited […]